Friday, January 22, 2010

Customized Personal Palette

In researching a couple of products to be able to customize your eye shadows, blushes and foundations you can easily use one of the UNII Palettes or Z palette. I really didn't know which one to blog therefore I decided to combine both of them together. These are amazing ideas. They make you very organized and your makeup kit very small preventing you having to carry different containers. As a makeup artist myself, I feel that I want to carry less. I can see these palettes are going to be very useful, not only in the makeup industry but even for everyday use. These palettes are very reasonable in price. Another great thing is that you can customize your palette to your clients needs.

Really the only differences I found personally between Z palettes and UNII Palettes:

Z palettes are come from Large to Small size. Choose from Black, Pink or Zebra, comes with a Clear Top Cover.

You can find this palette online at or your local beauty stores: Friends, Cinema Secrets, Nigel Beauty Emporium, CRC, Primping Parleur.

UNII Palettes come in one size; 6 Multi Colors, comes with a Mirror Top Cover.

You can find this palette online;

Note: Purchasing in a pan versus pot can saves you lots of MONEY!!! Saving is always a great thing.

You can find the following products in pan to refill your palette: Stila, MAC, Shu Uemura, La Femme, Chantecaille, Bobby Brown…So many other products come in pans. Remember you can always depot your own product out of your pots.

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Annie said...

Z palettes are cardboard (mine is falling apart), Unii palettes are plastic.

tina said...

I have a Z Palette and it's awesome! I love the clear window so I don't have to flip open all my shadows.