Saturday, April 17, 2010

R.E.U.S.E. it or Lose it!

There are many things out there that we balk at reusing, but R.E.U.S.E. Jeans definitely isn't one of them!

For those of you out there who are like me and love, love , love their denim, I've got the skinny (pun intended!) on some fabulous Eco-denim that you are gonna die for!

R.E.U.S.E stands for Recycle. Environment. U. Save. Earth., a very innovative idea and manufacturing process, the Collection is constructed from recycled fabric to create Eco-friendly jeans, skirts, and shorts.

I had the opportunity to chat with CEO and Founder George Powell, about R.E.U.S.E Jeans and what he refers to as the Eco-lution of our world, and the innovative concept used to create their amazing denim line.

According to George there has been a fundamental shift in the cultural awareness surrounding the environment and the need to protect it.  American manufacturers discarded approximately 10 billion lbs of textiles last year alone and the process to produce cotton uses an exorbitant amount of water. All of these factors combined, translate into an enormous amount of water being wasted in the manufacturing process and an overload of discarded textiles added to our landfills.

George came up with the concept for R.E.U.S.E jeans one day about three years ago, when he was loading up his vehicle with cans, and plastic bottles for recycling.  He decided there and then that he wanted to do more for the planet by becoming more eco-conscious and somehow translating that consciousness into his business. Thus R.E.U.S.E jeans was born.

R.E.U.S.E utilizes a systemic approach to their manufacturing process.  By recycling discarded textiles, running them through a shredder, and spinning it back into new yarn through a weaver, they produce new fabric. In addition, the manufacturing plant recycles their own water, thus cutting down on the Carbon Footprint. 80% of the fabric is recycled, 18.5% is new cotton and 1.5% is spandex, a winning combination of strength, durability and comfort. And ladies you know we all love the spandex.  It's a woman's best friend as far as I'm concerned!

In addition, R.E.U.S.E. jeans utilizes eco-friendly dyes and ships their product from the manufacturer to stores in biodegradable plastic bags. The company is looking into vacuum packing as well, in order to ship more product while reducing transport vessel fuel consumption.

Launched in January 2010, the line is already carried in approximately 150 boutiques and high-end stores across the nation. Originally, the plan was to open in 350 stores in the first year.  Obviously they are way ahead of schedule and this can be attributed to the amazing product and popularity of the line.

The company has taken a grass roots approach when it comes to brand recognition by using social networking, websites and letters of introduction to magazine and television stations.  In addition, R.E.U.S.E jeans participated in gifting suites for the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Grammy's, which gave them excellent exposure. The company recently purchased their first ad in US Magazine for Earth Week, so get out there pick up a copy and check it out!

George has taken a novel approach with regards to designers for his line.  He uses a Consortium of designers. So every season new designers are brought in to create magic, this keeps the product consistently fresh and fashion forward. Currently the company releases 4 lines per year and plans on adding two additional lines for a total of 6 lines per year.

I bet you want to know about the fit!  The skinny jean has a fairly tight fit so you may want to consider going up a size.  Other styles, like the bootcut, run true to size.  The Jeggings (Jean Leggings) to be released for A/W 2010 come in small, medium, and large. The fall collection will have more of an emphasis on the wash, destruction, and treatments of the denim, rather than embellishments and needle detail on the pockets.

The future looks very bright for R.E.U.S.E. Jeans with plans for a few new brands, Re-Jeaneration, and Re-Gear to be carried in stores such as Kohl's, JCPenney, and Target. Response and support for the product has been strong and I'm sure that market penetration is right around the corner.

So get out there and support the movement.  BUY R.E.U.S.E jeans A.S.A.P. You WILL be seeing me sporting a few pairs around town in support of the movement and amazing product!  Price points for jeans are $85-$95 ~ Skirts and Shorts are $75.  R.E.U.S.E Jeans designed with one eye on fashion and the other on Earth's future.

Available at: Frou Frou Laguna Beach ~ The Den Carlsbad ~ Ooga Booga Antioch ~ Glamour Kat  Paso Robles ~ Topanga Homegrown Topanga. Check website for additional locations

Shop the website starting tomorrow Saturday April 17-25 and get 50% off in honor of Earth Day!  Use promo code: EARTH 

Images courtesy of R.E.U.S.E. Jeans

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